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Gas Crematorium

What is a Cremation in a Gas Crematorium?

Cremation in a Gas crematorium is the process of closed combustion, vaporization and oxidation of a human body into basic chemical compounds, such as gases, ashes and mineral fragments retaining the cremation remains of bone with ashes which is dispersed in various ways. Gas Cremation is an alternative to burial or other forms of disposal of human dead bodies.

gas-crematorium in South India

Gas Crematorium how it works – Gas Cremation Process

Gas Cremation done in a Gas crematorium and the Gas crematorium designed to have one or two cremation furnaces. The Gas crematorium temperature is of 600 –1200 °C to cremate the body. Though the time required in Gas cremation varies from body to body, average of 45 minutes time is required to cremate a body in the gas crematorium. The gas crematorium is designed to cremate one human body at a time in one cremation furnace. The cremation chamber where the body is placed is called a retort and cremation furnace is constructed with heat-resistant refractory bricks and fire bricks. The furnace chamber is insulated with insulated bricks which is calcium silicate in nature and the outer most of furnace will have anti heat radiation objects. Automated gas burners are fixed in the Gas cremation furnace to effectively cremate the body at a lesser time compare to electric cremation furnace which require a normal time of 1 hour.

During the gas cremation process, maximum of the body (the organs and tissues) is vaporized and oxidized by the intense fire and heat; gases released are discharged to Gas Cleaning System where it is properly treated and the smoke exhaust through the stack chimney and the water discharged to the effluent treatment plant.

Cremation remains- Ashes with Bones in Gas Crematorium

In Gas Crematorium, after cremation, the bones and ash remaining roughly about 3.5% of the body's original mass (2.5% in children) available as "cremation remains'.

Reasons for choosing Cremation at a Gas Crematorium

  • 1. Simplify the funeral process.
  • 2. The cremation cost in Gas crematorium is cheaper than a traditional burial service or open air cremation cost.
  • 3. The life style and socio-cultural changes also a major reason for people to choose the crematorium.
  • 4. Environmental reason also a major reason choosing crematorium.

Cost of Gas Crematorium in India

Compare to Cost of Electric Crematorium or Electric Cremation machine cost in India, Cost of Gas Crematorium is little less, but, it varies from each Crematorium manufacture based on the Crematorium design, Quality of the raw materials used, Technology used in the crematorium and manufacturing cost and many other important factors involved including the maintenance cost of a Gas Crematorium.


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