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Crematorium manufacturers

Enviro Care Engineers is one of the India’s leading crematoriums manufacturing company based at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. We have been in Crematorium engineering field since 2007 and supplied and installed more than 30 crematoriums all over South India.

We have qualified crematorium engineers, crematorium service engineers, adequate machinery and infrastructure to manufacture gas crematory furnaces and equipments. We also supply all crematorium equipments and spares.

Our Company: Our CEO – K.Easwaran has got immense knowledge and experience in the crematorium engineering and known very well in crematorium industry.

Our CEO has undertaken and rectified many critical problems occurred (Cremation Furnace & Pollution related) in various crematoriums those are supplied by the other crematorium suppliers.

Crematorium repair services in Tamilnadu

Our esteemed crematorium owners include Sulur Lions Clib Trust, Coimbatore, Tirupathi Municipal Corporation, Tirupathi, Maha Prasthana Seva Samithi, Govinda Dhamam, Tirupathi, Vijayawada Municipal Corporation, Vijayawada, PSG & Sons Charitable Trust, Coimbatore, Shanthi Social Services, Coimbatore, Greater Chennai Corporation, Chennai.

Enviro Care Engineers, Coimbatore manufacture, supply and install Gas Cremator of double chamber cremation furnace, Dead body charging trolley, Automatic Gas burners systems with Gas pipe line assembly system, Crematorium Pollution Control Equipments, Control panel board for LPG gas Crematorium Equipments, 30 Meters Stack Chimney etc.

Our crematorium Design is unique to do the cremation process very efficiently and reduce the emission during and after the dead body cremation.

Our Crematorium Process Technology features and benefits


Cremation Process

The dead body exposed to high flames to reduce the body into Ashes in a closed combustion with flue gas venture scrubber and cyclone separator.


Benefits of our cremators

Very easy to operate – Economical – Needs less maintenance- Assured Return of Investment within a limited period.


Our Crematorium services

We provide all services, maintenance required for crematorium equipments anywhere in India.


Enviro Care Engineers, Coimbatore is one of the leading Gas cremation furnace manufacturing company in Coimbatore,Tamilnadu, India. We welcome you to spend your valuable time in our website to know about Gas Crematorium Equipments, Our Company and our LPG Gas crematorium projects.

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