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Crematorium Manufacturing Company in India

Looking for Best Crematorium manufacturing companies in India, South India, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Andhra to manufacture and install your crematoriums? We Enviro care engineers is one the leading crematorium manufacturers in India is the perfect choice, with more than fifteen years of solid experience in building powerful, safe and secure crematoriums at affordable cost. Have an idea to build a crematorium in your area contact us we would provide you full consultation to build you the best crematorium.

We offer wide range of crematoriums like Gas Crematoriums, Electric Crematoriums and Gasifier Crematoriums. We not only manufacture new crematoriums but we are ready to help you rectify, repair, maintain any type of crematoriums manufactured by our competitors. We have the experienced work force to handle any complex requirements with ease. We follow and update ourselves regularly to meet out the latest technological happening in crematorium industry. We are never shy of to implement latest technology to improve the performance of the crematoriums. atorium manufacturers in India offering wide range of crematoriums

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What is a Crematorium?

Crematorium is a place where a Crematory/ies or Cremator/s with Pollution control Equipments ( Both Air and Water) along with Pollution Board Approved Stack chimney and other relevant equipments installed in a Building to burn into Ash the human dead body in the cremation furnace. We Enviro care engineers is one of the leading crematorium manufacturers in India offering wide range of crematoriums

Types of Crematorium

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In India, generally, the following types of crematoriums are used:

     * Wood based Biomass Gasifier Crematorium

     * LPG Gas Crematorium

     * Electric Crematorium

Cremation Process and the Technology behind the Cremation

Once the last respects and rituals paid to the deceased, the dead body is carried manually in a stretcher and placed upon the Trolley and the cremation furnace is already preheated to a particular temperature and the Furnace door opened and the Trolley with dead body move forward and put the body into the cremation bed and the Trolley taken back and the furnace door completely closed and the cremation process begins in the cremator.

The Crematorium generally have two chambers – one is Primary chamber where the cremation takes place till the body completely become to ash and another chamber is called secondary chamber where the flue gas which comes from Primary chamber is properly burned before the gas is send to Pollution equipments called Cyclone Separator and Venutri wet scrubber and finally the smoke is pipe out into 100 Feet stack chimney.

In Crematorium, what is the average time to burn a body to ash?

The Cremators manufactured and installed by Enviro Care Engineers, Coimbatore, Tamillnadu requires 45 Minutes to 60 Minutes as an average time to burn a body to Ash.

What is time required to collect the Ash once the cremation is over??

Within 40 Minutes after cremation the Ash can be collected in our Crematorium.

Does Crematorium work all days?

Generally all crematoriums in India work in throughout the year. Some rare occasions like Dewali, Pongal and other important National holidays the crematorium would function with Skelton employees.

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Can I keep the Ash in the Crematorium office itself till I need it for my 16th day rituals?

Yes for near about 3-4 weeks the Ask is kept in the crematorium office and you can collect the Ash by producing the Ash Receipt within 3-4 weeks after the cremation dats.

What is the normal working hour of a Crematorium in India?

As per the Indian Government norms the cremation hours are 8AM to 6 PM in all days.

How much time required establishing a Crematorium?

Establishing a crematorium involves Government procedures, approvals, selecting area, put a building, fund raising, and many more important tasks and hence the required time to establish a crematorium varies.

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How much is the cremation cost per body in a crematorium nearby my place?

In India the crematorium owners are charging cremation cost per body is varies on various aspects according to the type of cremator, facilities the customer needs like ambulance to pick up the dead body, freezer box etc.

What are the procedures and documents that I need to cremate a body in a Crematorium?

Once you decided to cremate the body in a crematorium, immediately contact the nearby crematorium office and book the cremation time and ask required forms to be submitted and the cost involved for the cremation besides using their Body pick up van, Ambulance, Freezer box etc.

Can I do my customs and rituals in the Crematorium and are the facilities available in crematorium itself?

Yes you can conduct the rituals in the crematorium itself and you must arrange the Pandit and Barber by your own.

How much does it cost to open a Crematorium?

Crematorium cost depends upon the building, infrastructure inside the crematorium, beautification, amenities provided in the crematorium and the type of cremator (Gasifier Crematorium or Gas Crematorium of Electric Crematorium )the customer plan to install along with the number of cremation furnaces in the crematorium.


Enviro Care Engineers, Coimbatore is one of the leading Gas cremation furnace manufacturing company in Coimbatore,Tamilnadu, India. We welcome you to spend your valuable time in our website to know about Gas Crematorium Equipments, Our Company and our LPG Gas crematorium projects.

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