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Enviro Care Engineers, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu is one of Crematorium consulting services company in south India and offering following crematorium consultancy:

Crematorium Consulting

  • Crematorium Site Location recommendation and feasibility
  • Assistance for getting local body approvals including Corporation, Municipalities and town Panchayats to establish a crematorium in your place.
  • Assistance and paper preparation for Pollution control board approvals.
  • Selection of Crematorium Equipments Types – Electric Crematorium, Gas Crematorium and Gasifier Crematorium
  • Crematorium building requirements and rooms layout designs.
  • Planning infrastructure and amenities required in the crematorium
  • Strategy to conduct programs for fund raising to set up a crematorium.
  • Crematory equipments installation support.
  • Consulting service to Conversion of one type of a Cremation furnace to another type of cremation furnace with all crematory equipments.
  • Men power planning to operate and maintain the crematorium.

Cremation Consulting

  • Offering in house training to operate the crematorium equipments including cremator, Pollution control equipments , Gaisifer, gas burners system, Panel Boards etc,
  • Offering complete services to maintain all crematorium equipments to run the trouble free crematorium.

Solutions and Services to the specific and critical issues take place in the crematorium:

Solution for the Problems occurring in the crematorium such as

  • Solutions to High Smell take place in the crematorium during or after Cremations in the crematorium.
  • Solution to Excess timing to cremate a body in the cremator.
  • Solutions to Consumption of excess LPG Gas in the Gas Crematorium or high Electric consumption in the Electric Crematorium etc
  • Solution to All kinds of Gas Burners issues in the Gas Crematorium.
  • Solutions to All Kinds of issues in Control Panel Board for Gas Crematorium, Electric Crematorium and Gasifier Crematorium.
  • ETP tanks issues in the crematorium.
  • Oil type leakage in the cremation furnace.
  • Redesign the cremator.
  • Solutions to issues in Primary chamber and secondary chamber in crematorium.
  • Solutions to Cremation Furnace door issues
  • Solving Pollution issues due to various reasons including improper installation of Pollution Control Equipments.
  • Any other specific and critical issues that the crematorium owner wanted to have solution and services

Enviro Care Engineers, Coimbatore is one of the leading Gas cremation furnace manufacturing company in Coimbatore,Tamilnadu, India. We welcome you to spend your valuable time in our website to know about Gas Crematorium Equipments, Our Company and our LPG Gas crematorium projects.

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